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Waterfront promenades are a common thing for all the cities and villages along the coast and Baska Voda is no exception. These waterfront promenades are perfect for many activities – running, walking, cycling… If you are an active person, we suggest you do a morning run on these promenades and fill your day with energy.

These promenades connect all the places of Makarska Riviera and you can easily reach Makarska just by walking near the sea. Beautiful Brela is in another direction and you can reach them in just 10 minutes of walking by the sea. If you use bikes, then you can reach all these places even faster. You’ll pass near many beaches along the way and who knows, you might find a perfect one for yourself.

Walking along these promenades is one of the most relaxing of things to do in Baska Voda.



There are many unpaved roads near Baska Voda. They usually go higher in the hills, right below the Biokovo mountain and you can have a perfect view while cycling up there. If you are starting from Baska Voda, expect a slight ascent in the beginning.

If you are not an experienced bike rider, we suggest you rent an electric bike. These are perfect for exploration of the area and will take you a long way before the batteries get empty. There are options to rent a bike in Baska Voda if you haven’t brought yours. Cycling is one of the best land exploration options among things to do in Baska Voda.

If you are eager to go more south from Makarska Riviera, soon enough you’ll reach the landscape of beautiful Bacina lakes – a group of 7 connected lakes that make one of the most unique landscapes in Croatia. It’s one of the calmest and most serene places on the Adriatic coast.

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Religious tourism

Experience peace and prosperity in the vicinity of Promajna. Sanctuary of St. Leopold B. Mandić in Zakučac and Sanctuary of the Mother of God of Lurds



Promajna is a small fishing village that is currently experiencing a tourist boom.


Zagrebačka 24

21320 Promajna, Hrvatska


(+385) 92 5034 648


(+385) 92 5034 648

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